The Agile Mindset at Procurios

The Agile Mindset at Procurios

After reading a three-part blog post ‘What is Agile?’1, 2, 3 by Barry Overeem I was intrigued to write something about the Agile Mindset at Procurios. We’re doing a lot of things to get every employee in an Agile Mindset. For instance, we are doing our work in empowered, self-organizing teams.

Our journey to the Agile Mindset

Every employee at Procurios comes into contact with Agile in some form. Whether it is Scrum at the Scrum teams or Kanban at the Sales department, office management and the R&D team. We started using Scrum four years ago and during those four years we learned a lot. Some of us have followed the two-day Professional Scrum Master (PSM) training programme to gather more insight about Scrum in general and to share and discuss experiences with other participants. And those colleagues are trying to transfer their knowledge to other employees.

Interactively sharing stories, questions and conversations

We share knowledge by lightning talks4. We share the things that could be done better (or already went well) in a Sprint by writing a summary of the Sprint Retrospective. We encourage to experiment a lot5, not only in the work process, but also in source code.

Continuous learning and experimentation in a fail-friendly environment

It is very easy to get source code from your local machine to production. Because the threshold is so low, it is also easy to make a mistake, but on the other hand it is also easy to fix a mistake. Everybody makes mistakes and that's just fine, as long as you learn from it. It's a journey from being a junior developer to becoming a professional developer.

Continuous inspection and adaptation and having the ability to respond to change

We try to do everything a little bit better than last week using the three pillars of Scrum. We visualize our observations of the current week (Transparency), we talk about them (Inspection) and we try to create concrete actions for the next week (Adaption).

What is the current state of the Agile Mindset at your company?




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